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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast covege ofhe teoristattas in ussr we turn to continuing coverage of terrorist attacks in brussels. president obama reaching out to the family of an american couple confirmed dead. justin and stephanie shuls were listed as missing until yesterday. the president called to express his condolences. described the two as epitomizing all that is good in america. they were watching her mother walk through security when the bombs went off. justin is originally from
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tennessee, stephanie from kentucky. at least 31 people were killed. more than 270 others injured in tuesday's attack. hundreds clashed with police in brussels. they came to protest the country's immigration policy as mourners converged at the same memorial to honor the victims. >> reporter: hours here at the historic stock exchange in brussels where a makeshift memorial had been set up honoring and paying tribute to those killed in the terrorist attack. members of a right wing group came. >> it is up to us to show we find it awful what happened. >> they were protesting denouncing the attacks that took place on tuesday and expressing a sense of nationalism that angered some in the crowd here. >> we come to honor the dead. this makes me really sad. >> they were described as
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fascist and extremists. they were chanting slogans against immigrants, against islamists and that caused little bit of tension. >> translator: they are hooli n hooligans and they come to brussels in this state of mind. >> reporter: pushing protesters back using water canons. it came on a day where organizers were hoping to hold a march that was called off by the mayor of brussels out of security concerns and resources from the investigation on that front that federal prosecutor announced that 13 homes had been searched in various parts of the country and that was a sign that the investigation was perhaps expanding beyond just the capital. nine people were arrested. among them five that have now been released or are still being interrogated in connection with
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the terrorist attacks. robert de niro at the center of controversy after he decided to pull a documentary on the link between vaccines and autism from the upcoming film festival. it was directed and co-written by andrew wakefield, the man who wrote a debunked study. that study was retracted and he lost his medical license. de niro is the founder of the tribecca film festival and he said after reviewing the film it did not contribute to the discussion of autism. some film makers are calling it censorship. it is worth noting de niro has a son who has autism. an explosion has investigators searching for answers. firefighters responded to the abandoned warehouse this morning. witnesses told police they heard
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an explosion and then saw flames and smoke billowing out. the crews put out the blaze shortly after that. the firefighters found evidence that people may have been living there. no word on the exact cause of that fire. a new wave of technology is headed to california that can help solve a historic drought. the white house announced that nearly $5 billion in private money will go towards developing new technologies to help solve water shortages not only in california but around the country. this followed an investigation into california's drought. steven stock has the details that caught national attention. >> reporter: less than six months after nbc bay area travelled to israel to show how that desert country had changed the dynamic by using technology to solve drought and water shortage -- innovators from california gathered with 200 other water experts from around
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the country. among those in the audience at the white house san francisco entrepreneurs co founders of the israel california green tech partnership, a partnership featured by the white house at this summit. >> we are looking for the best and brightest startups. >> used the summit as the occasion to announce it will team with the city of los angeles to build a business i incuba incubater. >> israel has been a world leader in the water specter for a long time. israel is water independent. if it doesn't rain israel will be okay. >> the plan endorsed by the white house will have ten israeli companies build systems to address california's water crisis from storm water recovery to recycling. >> it shows how much excitement is there for water issues and how israel and california can
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partner to really help address california's drought. >> change can happen. innovation can happen. i think we are at the beginning of a water revolution in california and the rest of the country. >> nbc bay area news. expected to be up and running this mmer. you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips. we will introduce you to an incredible fighter not only has she beaten breast cancer but at the age of 68 she is a fearsome mixed martial arts fighter. we are seeing 64 degrees in san jose and an interesting weekend. a chance of showers and more snow heading towards the sierra. the timeline on this weather system to bring winter-like changes ahead coming up when we come right back. a 68-yr-oldreast ccer survor ha
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mixemarti a 68-year-old breast cancer survivor has been training for something you imight not expect, physical fights using mixed martial arts moves. >> you got this. >> mixed martial arts, the sport. in a world of caged -- >> can i do that last thing again? >> a few fighters have been more fierce than this one. >> you can catch your breath if you need to. >> i'm 68. >> reporter: four decades older than most mma fighters. it's why no one wants to fight
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her. >> they don't feel like they have too much to gain if they beat me and they don't want to lose. >> reporter: eight years ago she learned not all fights are fought the same way. >> breast cancer stage two. it is like the whole world stops. >> reporter: it would take until last year for her to proclaim victory in a battle another 200,000 american women will join this year alone. >> it has taken a long time to get there. >> battle far more challenging than this. even this is critical. >> reporter: ask her that question and she will give you this answer. >> it's been worth it even if i never fight. >> reporter: so consider it safe that eight years to the day after the initial diagnosis
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someone else was willing to put her fears aside, as well. >> i did finally get a fight. >> win or lose she's going to be all right. >> she has beaten cancer. >> reporter: the last thing she wants was a fighter too concerned about age to fight hard. so for those who don't know the next one minute and 24 seconds might seem hard to watch. >> that's going to be it. her face was full of cuts and disappointment. but in a sport used to cheering on no one earned more cheers on this night than a 68-year-old
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rook rookie. >> ann is still training and says she is ready to fight if she can find another opponent. san francisco's easter parade turns 25. we will show you highlights of the biggest little parade in the bay area. it was a family story that george was probably on some island. >> nearly 100 years after it sank investigators cracked the case of a ship wreck. the soalledbigge litt
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just few nutesgo. ==vo the so-called biggest little parade in san francisco ended just a few minutes ago. check it out, the 25th annual easter parade marched down union street. it was packed with families, kids dominating here today. parents say it is a great place
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to bring the kids and kids say it is paradise. face painting, live music and bounce houses. >> i wanted to do something fun with her where there would be a lot of kids and activities and what not. she is having fun so far. >> another activity is microphone grabbing. an easter bonnet contest where kids, adults and pets could win prizes for the most outrageous easter hats. rob, i hear that peggy bunker was in the top three finalists at the easter bonnet contest. >> we need to see pictures. >> right now 59 degrees in san francisco. a bit breezy where it may not feel 59 degrees. 30 miles per hour down at the airport. gusts to 40 right now. it has had a big difference on temperatures. winds out of the north. the air warms up and compresses and dries out as it drops down in elevation. for the rest of the bay area including santa rosa the 24 hour
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temperature change three to ten degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. this cooling trend will continue along with windy conditions that temporarily towards tomorrow morning notice the trivalley could see wind speeds drop off into clear cool skies. we may see upper 30s and low 40s for temperatures. so an all day where i think you can wear a sweat shirt or light jacket. 40s and 50s to start the morning. notice temperatures by noon still upper 50s outside. brisk around the bay area with gust y winds and hill tops. we will see a slight chance of a few mid afternoon and early evening showers. highs low to mid 60s from san francisco to south bay. napa, santa rosa, livermore. we could see an isolated shower over the hill tops. this is a pattern where you get the cold low supplying the
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cooling air and gusty winds. also with the cool air aloft and heating below may see pop up showers across higher elevations. 5:00 tomorrow evening. and around morgan hill towards monday evening. perhaps a better chance a few more showers around the east bay. the most likely spots to find accumulating rainfall. you can see for tuesday there is the chance we see a little bit of rain. for the sierra maybe another foot of snow there. quite a change from last year where the sierra snow pack stands at about a foot and a half deep. last year at this time just 2.4 inches, a huge change in water content from a half foot now to less than an inch of water content. with the cooling temperatures good enough to producing snow at least the first half of the week looks fairly cool.
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highs in the low 60s. rebound in temperatures as we approach thursday and friday and the trivalley going back above normal temperaturewise. shows at the bottom of the screen next chance of seeing showers could arrive stay tuned late next weekend. you see a warm start with 60s and 70s next saturday. north bay could see a few showers with more rain likely by next monday as we head towards the end of the first weekend of april. great news talking about sierra snow and the opportunities for more rain. >> sounds so good. thanks so much. a 95-year-old nautical mystery has been saucholved. a world war i ship has been found just outside the golden gate bridge. here is nbc bay area's jessica aguirre. >> reporter: the uss has been found. remnants of the naval tug boat and crew rests on the ocean
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floor. one of the men on board was george franklin. >> we thought he would be outside hawaii not found outside the golden gate. >> reporter: george's first cousin. >> i am very relieved. this is closure. this is closure for the rest of the family. >> reporter: george's mother annie never gave up on her son who was 32 when he disappeared. >> there was a family story that george was probably on some pacific island wearing a grass skirt and married to some polynesian girl. >> reporter: george's mother bought a crypt so her son could be buried next to her and his father when he came home but he never did. >> this is one story that we had to correct this for the crew. >> reporter: unresolved stories like this one are what drive the lead investigator on the noah
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expedition. >> she was headed to pearl harbor. next stop would be her duty station. she disappeared without a trace. >> reporter: he spotted last october in the marine sanctuary but discovery wasn't officially revealed until today in washington, d.c. >> it is protected. in the face of death there is life now. >> the navy plans to place a marker in honor of the 56 souls lost at sea. coming up -- attracting young people to one of san francisco's oldest monyuuments. we will show the unique program leaving an impression on inner city students.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm
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you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast resints he nev evenger san francisco's presidio, many of the younger residents have never been there. nbc bay area's joe rosato, jr.
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shows us an unusual program designed to draw interest to what some call hallowed ground. >> school is a place where we learn about the world, math, science, history. >> i would like you to open up to this page. >> reporter: most of the time history lives in the pages of books. at san francisco's visitation valley middle school. >> the young soldiers do not speak -- >> reporter: history is coming to life through death. >> died at the age of 20. >> reporter: an old poem has become the road map for lesson and sacrifices of u.s. military, those who paid the ultimate price. >> and what it is really about remembering these young soldiers that gave their lives. >> reporter: the lesson is part of a program by educator mary maya believing teaching about sacrifice is one way to connect students. >> we have a generation that is completely disconnected from the
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casualties of war. >> reporter: to read about sacrifice is one thing. it is a whole other thing to walk it. >> we are going to be going to the national cemetery. look at the different grave stones. >> reporter: as part of the program the students walked among the military graves in the national cemetery covering 150 years worth of wars. >> there are over 30,000 people buried here. >> i was shocked. >> i did not know there was going to be this much graves. >> reporter: the students growing up beyond the grip of major conflict this reality was etched in granite. >> they didn't know their birthdays. >> it is a good perspective for them to see how their lives are different today. >> you are going to each do a rub in. >> the program is aimed at connecting students along with geographic connection and an emotional one. >> seeing these young people that died that never had the chance to pass 20. >> looking at these graves made
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me realize that they deserve to be remembered. >> reporter: students witnessing the reality of war these graves and lost lives will be remembered a long, long time. joe rosato, jr. >> it is our job to decide what their deaths meant to us. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. a big bay area bunny is hoping for your help. take a real good look. this rabbit needs a name. the rabbit weighs more than 20 pounds. he was just adopted by the sanctuary in brentwood. doesn't have a name. volunteers plan to take the bunny on visits to elderly care facilities. >> everybody is very interested in him, probably due to his size. he is a hit right now and especially he is the new guy so getting all the eyes. >> the sanctuary is taking name
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suggestions, maybe bunny broor rad rabbit. right now they are calling him mr. big. kids in pennsylvania got a special visit from a fuzzy dare devil. this easter bunny decided to sky dive into an easter event but got a little lost and ended up in the woods. he is all right. you can see hopped his way on to the field. kids were waiting for him. helped kick off the easter egg hunt. let's check weather one more time. rob mayeda when he does sky diving lands where he wants to land. >> hiding easter eggs. san francisco a little windy. 59 degrees right now. towards the airport seeing gusts close to 40. in san jose breezy, cool evening. 61 degrees. wind gusts to 20 miles per hour. as we see a very chilly system dropping down bringing in cooler drier air out of the north. wind speeds 15 to 20.
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some of this will drop into the bay area during the day tomorrow. you have 50s and 60s outside. wind sheltered valleys wake up to upper 30s to low 40s. towards noon tomorrow mostly 50s with cool temperatures. by the afternoon especially around the trivalley and north bay a chance of isolated showers and chances go up as we head towards tuesday with more snow likely in the sierra. we will show you the time of winter like changes ahead. thanks so much. thanks for watching. we have more local news straight ahead right after this break. a distuing dcoverat aneast y pa.
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goodvenin i'm rry mcswney. ggy . ==tey/ots raci grafti at popur this mon alon mthe cy has vestis
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